VACUUM - casting- and stirring equipment

Company portrait:

The company SCHÜCHL formerly and today:

In the eighties the Co. Schuechl was active even in the model and prototype trade. In the end of the Eighties special productions and special machines for the research and universities were added. Also our first Own vacuum casting-installation was developed in this time. The experiences gained in the model and prototype trade let arise users friendly sturdy vacuum casting machines. At the beginning of the nineties our serial production of different types of vacuum casting machines began then. Our machines were improved with time continually. Until today approximately 300 vacuum casting machines were sold at satisfied customers.

Through the common development of model builder, prototype maker and mechanical engineering, vacuum casting machines contain only reasonable and useful functions. That have proved on the world market. Who works once with a Schuechl machine will notice the difference.

Plan milling UGM-850
An UGM-850 during the plan milling of the door sealing surface

All from own production:

That is necessary in order to be able to react on special customer request fast. Begun with the construction at the drawing board or CAD up to the training with the customer. All activities are executed by Schüchl.

  • A big number of production machines makes all customer requests possible.
  • Our Electro- and electronic development department develop even tricky circuits shortly.
  • Special customer requests we can include in the production so.

Systems and quality of our products was already often duplicated by rivals. But it was never good enough.